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Getting a mortgage approval has never been easier! Choose from a variety of lenders at no additional cost. Alex Lavender is a certified mortgage broker and has helped Nova Scotians get pre-approvals and mortgage approvals quickly.

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Alex Lavender works for you not the banks.

As a mortgage broker Alex Lavender works for you not the banks.

Ensuring that you can purchase your dream home, regardless of your credit score.

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Mortgage Approval Process

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Mortgage Applications:

  • FREE to use, we work for you, not the banks. Giving you the ability to choose between multiple lenders and compare rates side by side.
  • Mortgage expertise, by working with a variety of lenders we have all the experience you need. We’ll do the heavy lifting to let you choose the loan that is the best for you!
  • Efficient, we use your information to pull real mortgage approvals from multiple lenders. You can get mortgage rates from all the banks and lenders all in one place.
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Mortgage Approval Types

Private Mortgage Lenders

  • Private lenders for your house
  • Short term lending solutions
  • We provide a large selection of private lenders
  • Less than 600 credit score requires 20% down payment

Ask us about the differences between regular and private mortgage lenders.

Purchase + Renos

  • Roll your renovation costs into your mortgage
  • Up to $40,000 of renovations
  • 120 days to complete the work
  • Not available for appliances

Read more about our mortgage plus improvements here.

Best Rates

  • To get the best interest rate with a private lender you’ll need a minimum credit score of 600.
  • Down payment starting at 5 (employment is required)
  • Price must be at least $200,000

Read more about our mortgage plus improvements here.

Current Mortgage Rates

5 Year


3 Year


5 Year
Fixed Special


5 Year


5 Year
Variable Special


*Rates are updated every week. Rates may vary, and be subject to additional qualify criteria to obtain top rates.

What You SHould Know

Mortgage Approval FAQs

How do I get a mortgage approval?

Getting a mortgage approval is easy. Start by contacting your local mortgage broker and provide the information required. They will get you approved at a variety of different lenders that you can choose from.

Do I need an offer on a house for a pre-approval?

No, you do not need to have a purchase agreement or offer placed on a house in order to get a pre-approval. Getting a mortgage pre-approval only requires information about your financial situation.

How long do pre-approvals last?

The best time to get pre-approved is before you start shopping for homes. Our pre-approvals lock in your rate for 120 days. Therefore this allows you to spend months looking and know exactly how much you’re qualified to borrow.

mortgage approval in halifax

Mortgage Approvals

Pre-Approval In Halifax & Dartmouth

We have mortgage pre-approval options for a variety of situations.

Banks can make pre-approvals difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. With Alex Lavender you can get a mortgage approval easily! All you need is to fill out our contact form to get started.

If you’re looking for a pre-approval mortgage, so you know how much of a house you can afford. Then you’re in the right place!

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