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Mortgage Plus Improvements & Construction

Get Started With Your Mortgage Plus Improvements

If you are looking to build your own home we have solutions available. Whether you are looking to use a contractor or build a home yourself we have construction mortgages available starting at a 5% down payment.

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Mortgage Plus Improvements

Want to include the cost of home renos in your mortgage? You can get a mortgage plus improvements for up to 20% of the purchase price or $40,000. This product adds the cost of renovations to your mortgage. Allowing you to improve your home, and roll it into your monthly payments.

Building & Construction Mortgage

If you need a construction mortgage for building a new home then you’re in the right place. Our team can provide residential loans for you to build your dream home from scratch.

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How Mortgage Plus Improvements Work

Step 1 Quotes & Apply

The first step is to apply with a mortgage broker to find out what your options are. You need to provide all of the quotes for the work being done up front. This amount is then added into the total amount to be mortgaged. Some items that are removable from the house or do not increase the home value will not be accepted ie. appliances.

Step 2 Receive Your Loan

After the mortgage funds you have 90 days to complete the work listed in the quotes. You must then provide paid invoices or have an inspection report done at your cost to verify the work has been completed.

Step 3 Receive Your Money!

After the lender approves that the work has been done the money will be released from the lawyers so you can reimburse yourself for the costs.

Meet Your Mortgage Plus Improvements Broker

Other Mortgage Types:

Bad Credit?

Bad credit? Or don’t have the downpayment? Learn about our bad credit mortgage options.

Self Employed

Self employed mortgages for when traditional banks fail.

Private Mortgage

We can provide private mortgage lending options. 1 – 3 year solutions for your convenience.

Construction Mortgage FAQ

Yes! You can add renovation costs to a mortgage by using a mortgage broker and agreeing with the lender on the improvements allowed. If your improvements are going to increase the value of your home, then you have a great shot at getting an approval with us.

Mortgage plus improvements adds the estimated cost of renovations to the amount of your mortgage loan. This provides you with cash upfront to fund improvements on your house. While keeping you on the same consistent mortgage payments.

A high-ratio mortgage in Canada lets you borrow up to 95% of your home cost. Talk to Alex Lavender your mortgage broker today to learn how you can do this.

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Alex Lavender

Alex Lavender is from a small town of 700 people, giving him a first hand experience witnessing the positive power of community. Alex brings that small-town sense of community wherever he goes, treating you with the same passion as he would his neighbours back at home.

Alex makes himself available to his clients all day every day, because anything can happen at anytime. Ensuring that you are always taken care of. Get in contact today to start your mortgage journey with Alex.

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