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Alex Lavender provides you with private mortgages, refinancing, or self employed mortgages.

You can get a mortgage with any credit score! Your mortgage broker works for you, getting the best rates possible.

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Private mortgage

Private Mortgage

Private mortgage lenders have realized that conservative lending rules by big banks exclude many people who CAN pay back their loans. 

That’s where private mortgages fill the gap.

Our private mortgages are typically shorter term 1 – 3 years. This is a great solution for someone needing fast approval and financing for your dream home.

Mortgage Refinance

A mortgage refinance is when you break your current mortgage, and start a new one. With the same or a different lender. This can help you get a lower rate, consolidate debt, or free up equity as cash.

Refinancing your mortgage can allow you to realize gains from the increase in value in your home, without having to sell.

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self employed mortgage

Self Employed Mortgages

We all know Halifax is a city of self starters and entrepreneurs. Big banks tend to have a lot of red tape when it comes to self employed mortgages. Our team can get you a mortgage that fits your entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Mortgage Approval

Getting a mortage approval has never been easier! Start your application today to get a pre-approval now. Even as an entrepreneur if you’re self employed you can still get a mortgage approval.

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Self Employed Mortgage?
No Problem

Our private mortgages are perfect for self employed individuals. When banks have too much red tape that’s where our stated income program comes in. Private mortgage lenders understand that entrepreneurs can pay for a self employed mortgage. Using stated income instead of pay statements.

Alex Lavender is the author of “Mortgages For Millennials” and an entrepreneur himself. He has been helping business owners get a private mortgage for years. He takes pride in helping Nova Scotians overcome traditional loan barriers to purchase your dream property.

Private Mortgage Types

Bad Credit

Learn more about our bad credit mortgages here.

Mortgage Refinancing

Learn more about our mortgage approval process works.

Best Rates

Contact a mortgage broker to learn more about the getting the best rates.

Private Mortgage Lenders

Ask us about the differences between regular and private mortgage lenders.

Purchase + Improvements

Read more about our mortgage plus improvements here.


Contact Alex Lavender to learn more about the mortgage broker requirements for construction mortgages.

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Private Mortgage Lenders FAQ's

Private lenders, both individuals and organizations have realized that many people can afford to pay for a mortgage. However the red tape from big bank lending policies prevent them from getting a mortgage. This is where private lenders fill the gap, providing short term mortgages for 1-3 years.

People want to refinance their mortgage for all sorts of reasons. The main 3 are:

  1. Take out equity as cash
  2. Get a better interest rate or lower payments
  3. Consolidate debt

If you are considering refinancing you should look into the details because this involves breaking your current mortgage, which costs money to do so.

When traditional loans have too much red tape, private lenders become available. For self-employed mortgages and entrepreneurs these loans can be very helpful.