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Alex Lavender is one of Dartmouth & Halifax’s top mortgage brokers and your mortgage specialist. You’ll get access to multiple lenders with 1 easy application.
This allows you to:
✅ Compare mortgage rates with multiple lenders
✅ Help for first time home buyers & seasoned investors
✅ Loan & credit strategies and general mortgage advice

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Alex Lavender works for you not the banks.

Our services are 100% free for traditional mortgages.

Ensuring that you get the lowest rate and the best service is our #1 priority.

Serving Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and anywhere in Nova Scotia. Get in touch today or see below for what options we offer.

Want to learn more about mortgages? Click here to download your free copy of Alex’s book Mortgages For Millennials.

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Alex Lavender is one of the top rated mortgage brokers in Halifax & Dartmouth and the author of the free book Mortgages for Millennials.

Bad Credit

  • All credit scores accepted
  • $100,000 minimum property value
  • Purchases – 20% down payment required
  • Refinances – up to 80% of the house value

Learn more about our bad credit mortgages here.


  • Fast pre-approval letters
  • Find out what you qualify for
  • Discuss different options
  • Guidance for improvement if you can’t qualify

Learn more about our mortgage approval process works.

Low Rates

  • Minimum credit score of 600
  • Down payment starting at 5%
  • Employment required
  • House price must be at least $100,000

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Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

We’ve helped thousands of Nova Scotians in Halifax, Dartmouth and beyond save time and headaches by getting mortgage approvals & rates for you! Using a broker will allow you to compare and contrast the different mortgages from a variety of lenders.

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How Brokerages Work:

  • FREE to use, we work for you, not the banks. Giving you the ability to choose between multiple lenders and compare rates side by side.
  • Mortgage specialist, we have helped thousands of Nova Scotians buy their first home. We’ll do the heavy lifting to let you choose the loan that is the best for you!
  • Efficient, we use your information to pull real mortgage approvals from multiple lenders. You can use Alex as your mortgage specialist and get rates from banks and lenders all in one place.

Meet Alex Lavender:

Alex Lavender is and Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) the author of “Mortgages For Millennials” and has been providing services in Halifax as a mortgage broker for years.

He takes pride in helping Nova Scotians purchase their first homes, refinance their current homes, or obtain a loan when no other options are available.

Alex listens to your situation and uses the necessary information to provide you with a variety of options from different lenders, including the big banks.


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March 7, 2022

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February 16, 2022

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October 16, 2021

Types Of Mortgages


A fixed mortgage provides you the security of locking in an interest rate for the term of your loan. You will know exactly how much principal and interest you will be paying on the mortgage during the term.

Terms range from 6 months to 10 years, and most offer additional payments to pay down the principle.


A variable-rate mortgage allows you to take advantage of the current low interest rates. Most variable loans are below prime and can range from 1 – 5 years.

However the interest rate will fluctuate as the bank of Canada’s prime rate changes.


An open term mortgage allows you the flexibility to pay off a portion or the full principle amount at any time. Interest rates are usually higher for open mortgages and are tied to the bank’s prime rate.

There are no penalties for paying off the full outstanding amount with this type.

Commonly Asked Questions

Your mortgage broker:

Meet Alex

Alex Lavender is one of Halifax and Dartmouth’s top mortgage brokers. Known for his kindness and flexibility he provides you with the tools to make the best decision and get the best rates!

Mortgage Calculator







Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest $1421

Monthly Taxes $1421

Monthly HOA $1421

Monthly Insurance $1421

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We work for you not the banks.

Our services are 100% free for traditional mortgages.

Ensuring that you get the lowest rate and the best service is our #1 priority.

Serving Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and anywhere in Nova Scotia. Get in touch today or see below for what options we offer.

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Using a mortgage broker / specialist is 100% free for you.

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Pros And Cons

Mortgages are a major financial decision and it should not be taken lightly. While searching for the lowest rates may save you thousands of dollars, it’s important that you understand what you’re getting into. That’s why talking to a mortgage expert is a great place to start. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you understand the impact:


  • Easy to use, brokers are a one stop shop.
  • Free! We’re paid by lenders, not you.
  • Better rates, we have access to some of the lowest rates.
  • Expert advice, we live and breath mortgages and even wrote a book about it!
  • Independent and friendly advice. We want you to get the best rate possible for your situation.


  • Unfamiliar working with someone you just met.
  • No access to some lenders. While there are a variety of options we do not provide all the options out there.
  • More documents may be needed.

Get Help With Your First Home Purchase

mortgage broker helping a happy couple

Buying your first home can be a very intimidating and scary process. For most people it’s going to be the single biggest purchase of your life.

When looking at financing options there is a lot of bank jargon that can be difficult to understand.

Alex has had the same struggles you’re having. Trying to learn the ins and outs of mortgages is stressful and overwhelming.

That’s why Alex is here for you. To answer your questions, and help you understand exactly what you’re getting into, and which types of mortgages are the best for your situation.